Birthday and Welcome at the scrumptious Deluxe Bakery

Birthday and Welcome party photo
birthday/welcome chocolate raspberry cake

Holiday Celebrations at Vlad's

Holiday Party 2019
Holiday Party 2019

Hard at work

Office Dog!

April 22, 2017

March for Science April 22 2017

Science march

Thank You Scientists!

Techs science-ing

Cathryn and Steve on a Tuesday

New Carts!

Toast at Bram's going away party 3/2015


Bram's last week in the lab 3/2015

Research in progress meeting, with extra pizza 10/2014

The Best Bay in the Lab 5/2013

Undergraduate's Graduation Lunch 5/2013

Immunology 2013™ AAI Centenial Annual Meeting in Hawaii

Noah's Going Away Party, 6/2012

Joint Badovinac/Harty Holiday Party, 1/2012

Simran Banga, Ph.D. 2012